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PS Vita & PS TV & PS VR

I heard that there is a new hack out for the PS Vita / PS TV and I immediately ran to the closet and dusted off my PS TV lol.....It's ironic because a couple weeks ago I was going to trade it in towards an Xbox One. I had feeling it would be hacked (again) in the future so that was the only reason it didn't get sent to the Gamestop graveyard. There is a new hack out for firmware 3.60 called Henkaku for the vita system which enables homebrew and also enables the white list for the PS TV. All of this is exciting and sad all at the same time because Sony is most likely going to patch this immediately and that makes no fuckin sense to me. Why does that make no sense , because Sony messed up the Vita, it's like they hung it out to dry way too early, and PS TV was a joke.

I got a PSP when I was a freshman in college and I really liked it, the loading times were terrible but the games and graphics were great at the time. The only thing I didn't like was that it only had one a…

PS4 Neo and Xbox One S / Scorpio *Updated* 9/23/16 PS4 Neo is the PS4 Pro

I've been a gamer for a long time, probably most of my life, the first console I had was the NES. I had at least one console from every generation after that from genesis and SNES to Dreamcast to Xbox and Ps2....the list goes on. This console generation is particularly interesting because we are having mid life span refreshes of the current consoles. I completely understand the reason why they are doing this, but I don't agree with it at all.

The PS4 and Xbox One were already obsolete when they dropped, they were under powered and they can barely do 1080p. I'm not a picky person when it comes to graphics but there isn't a significant difference in graphics between the previous generation and this one. Sony and Microsoft intentionally made the consoles under powered to keep the costs down which in the short term has been beneficial to them until now. The main problem is PCs can far exceed the graphics on these consoles and developers actually dumb the graphics down on …

Review of Kanye West "The Life of Pablo"

I don't know how to start this but I was reading about the controversy surrounding the song "Famous" and it just baffles because the song is trash. I consider myself to be big Kanye West fan but lately his music has been slipping and he changed into some type of despicable type of person which is sad. I find it really disappointing because this is the same person that made "College Dropout" , that song "Spaceship" was one of the realest songs on the album, I really related to that. It seems / sounds like a totally different person who is now rapping about having sex with Taylor Swift (I don't find her attractive at all), it seems like he's lost out their in that world, so when it comes to content, his music definitely went downhill.

The beginning of the album and the end are 2 of the strong points. In the beginning, there is "Ultralight Beam" which is a decent song but its definitely overrated, Chance the Rapper's verse definite…

Is Pokemon Go a distraction from the real issues?

I'm just wondering , it seems like this game came out at the "best time", during a lot of social unrest and major issues in this country. Everyone is all zombied out playing this game, I'm not gonna lie.... I tried but I really don't see the big deal. But it already served it's purpose ....people already lost focus and as people we gotta wake up and stop falling for all this bogus shit.

Endangered Species - The Black Male in America

I feel like Black men need to be placed on an endangered species list in this country, maybe that will outlaw people killing us like we are animals. It really disgusts me every time I see this extreme force used on Black men in this country and its happening so often its like the norm. Its becoming normal for us to see shootings where we are being slaughtered like animals and then its justified. Then you have people that say "there's no racism" , maybe he should not have been doing "X" action and the police wouldn't have had to kill him. Maybe we shouldn't have been driving that car, maybe we shouldn't have been walking down the street, maybe we shouldn't have been selling cigarettes, maybe we shouldn't have been breathing. Its a crime for us to live ......

Why can't people see that this is not normal , why should we have to be slaughtered be for the color of our skin, why should we be denied employment , why should we treated as crimina…

NYC Men Teach / NYC Teaching Fellows False Recruitment

I have not seen much written about the whole NYC Men's Teach initiative and the NYC teaching fellows. My honest opinion is that these programs are not really trying to recruit men (more importantly men of color). I feel like they are only in place to meet EEO requirements. To say that they tried to "diversify"  the teaching community. I know those are wild accusations to make  and I could be wrong but I figure I'll tell my story.

Around 2012, I heard about the teaching fellows, at the time I was already working for the city as a Public Records Aide so I figured I give it a shot. I thought it would be a good idea considering how few male teachers I've had ( and even fewer black male teachers) from grades K - 12. I filled out the application online and attended the interview at Washington Irving H.S. We took a math test and then were separated into different classrooms. Everyone had to prepare a sample lesson plan to present to interviewers along with a one-on-one …