Endangered Species - The Black Male in America

I feel like Black men need to be placed on an endangered species list in this country, maybe that will outlaw people killing us like we are animals. It really disgusts me every time I see this extreme force used on Black men in this country and its happening so often its like the norm. Its becoming normal for us to see shootings where we are being slaughtered like animals and then its justified. Then you have people that say "there's no racism" , maybe he should not have been doing "X" action and the police wouldn't have had to kill him. Maybe we shouldn't have been driving that car, maybe we shouldn't have been walking down the street, maybe we shouldn't have been selling cigarettes, maybe we shouldn't have been breathing. Its a crime for us to live ......

Why can't people see that this is not normal , why should we have to be slaughtered be for the color of our skin, why should we be denied employment , why should we treated as criminals everywhere we go .....why are we excluded from this society. I felt like had to say something because I'm hurt, what do I tell my children.....I have to tell that people are going to hate for the color of your skin.....they don't have to know anything else about you....you don't even have to say anything and people won't like you just because of that reason. It's a sad world we are living in, I'm praying that it gets better because no one should have to have that conversation with their child.

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