Review of Kanye West "The Life of Pablo"

I don't know how to start this but I was reading about the controversy surrounding the song "Famous" and it just baffles because the song is trash. I consider myself to be big Kanye West fan but lately his music has been slipping and he changed into some type of despicable type of person which is sad. I find it really disappointing because this is the same person that made "College Dropout" , that song "Spaceship" was one of the realest songs on the album, I really related to that. It seems / sounds like a totally different person who is now rapping about having sex with Taylor Swift (I don't find her attractive at all), it seems like he's lost out their in that world, so when it comes to content, his music definitely went downhill.

The beginning of the album and the end are 2 of the strong points. In the beginning, there is "Ultralight Beam" which is a decent song but its definitely overrated, Chance the Rapper's verse definitely saves the song. "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 & 2" are pretty good, Kid Cudi's hook definitely makes the song (in part 1) but Kanye's lyrics are trash....model who bleached her asshole..., that kinda ruined song for me and I had to actually lookup that asshole bleaching thing lol. I appreciate him sampling Desiigner's "Panda" on pt. 2, he put Desiigner on the map with that one and it goes well with the beat. I tried to like "Famous" but lyrics didn't do it for me, I can't relate to any of that shit, the only thing good about that song is the beat, Rihanna's hook doesn't sound all that good either. "Feedback" just sounds bad, he's not even flowing or saying anything. I like "Lowlights" , I read that he put that spoken word track on there for the mother's driving their kids to school, it's really inspirational I wish the rest of the album was like that. "Highlights" is an ok song, the "...every bad bitch..." at the Equinox part is really annoying though. "Freestyle 4" is terrible, i don't know what else to say, he's just yelling not even rhyming, I don't know who co-signs this stuff.

"I Love Kanye" is sort of a skit type of song where's he saying "...I miss the old Kanye....chop up the soul Kanye...", its really ironic because that's how I feel ....I miss the soul beats ,the authenticity. "Waves" is a decent song but the lyrics are weak and the song is too short. I'm not feeling "FML" at all, I don't know its not a good song, sounds somber and I don't care for The Weeknd on it. "Real Friends" is ok , that shit with is cousin stealing the laptop sounds messed up. "Wolves" is another song I'm not feeling, I always skip it when I play thru the album. Max B on the "Silver Surfer Intermission" is cool, I appreciate that he put Max B on and get him some money for commissary. The next song is my favorite on the album, "30 Hours", the beat is tuff ( I like the sample) and the lyrics are on point. "No more parties in L.A." is another tuff track, Kendrick Lamar went in and Kanye did too although I question how much of this song was written by Kendrick. I don't know about "Facts", its a Nike diss song and Im like....he's really dissing Nike .....seriously, he said "...Nike treats employees just like slaves...". I don't know about the people that make the sneakers in the sweatshops but if he referring to himself, he's out of his mind , he had a choice to deal with them and he got paid, slaves had no choice and didn't get paid. "Fade" is a good track , I like the house music sample but the lyrics are overly simplistic.

If I judge this album based on Kanye's production and arrangement it would be a decent album, maybe even good but lyrically this is Kanye's worst album. On top of that he has writers helping such as Chance the Rapper and Drake on "Facts", so I don't understand why the lyrics are so weak. I mean most of the album is about nothing, no social issues , nothing beyond Kanye complaining about shit most of us can't relate to. Its sad because when Kanye came out, he was a breath of fresh air among all of the shoot 'em music lol....I don't know what happened maybe money changed him but this new Kanye is a disappointment, he's some bourgeoisie person only concerned with things that don't matter.

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