VR is overhyped.

I seen a lot of news and articles about VR and all the headsets and VR ready PCs , phones , consoles etc. It's just a fad, its not going to last. Just like when everyone was jumping on the 3D bandwagon, everyone was talking about 3D tvs, 3D phones, 3D portable consoles, all of that flopped (with the exception of the 3DS). I think the main issue with VR is that there is no standard, everyone is doing there own thing, their own device. I think when you have a situation like that where there is too many options, it confuses consumers and if people don't understand a product , they're not going to buy it.
Another issue I have is the content, what exactly are developers going to be making , what type of games, and are these games going to be worth purchasing hardware. Costs is also a factor especially when you have units such as the Oculus Rift which costs well over $1,000. I'm all for new technology and electronics but it has to be done right, I have to be able to justify the purchase, I'm just not seeing that with these devices.

 I'm definitely not getting the PS VR, I think its too expensive and Sony has a terrible track record of abandoning their devices if they are not extremely successful out the gate. It also has to be connected to console for it to work, when I saw that , it completely turned me off, it seems really restrictive and uncomfortable. I've seen a lot of VR headsets for phones such as the Samsung VR, which confuses because Google made a VR headset that you can make out of cardboard........do both of these devices offer the same experience. What would be the difference between viewing VR content on Samsung's VR device opposed to Google's cardboard VR. I just think the lack of standardization is going to hurt the whole VR movement and people are going to call anything VR and slap a VR sticker on it to make profit. I probably being a bit biased considering I haven't used any of these VR devices yet, maybe I'll change my mind or maybe I feel the same way I felt when I used the Virtual Boy - unimpressed.

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