Empire Season 3 Episodes 1 & 2 Review

        Every time I watch this show I get more and more disappointed, I felt like they had a good start with season 1 but it just went downhill from there. When Empire first debuted, there was no show like it and while it had some flaws with story / plot, it was very entertaining especially the music. I didn't like Bunky's ghost scene because I feel like it takes the realism out the show but the finale was good. Season 2 was a convoluted mess, its like they ran out of ideas and there was no constancy. They introduced too many characters, random things kept happening, they made jail seem like a fun place, cookie in a gorilla suit?! I don't know who thought all of that was a good idea, on top of that the season 2 finale barely made sense. I didn't understand why Hakeem's fiancé would leave him because this guy messed up the wedding. 

      So they left on another cliffhanger, Rhonda or Anika, really I was hoping that both of them fell because they're characters are insignificant. The writers made their roles insignificant which is unfortunate because these were 2 strong women who had their own careers and they reduced them to being housewives. Anika wrestles Rhonda, and Rhonda falls to her death where we get to see blood dripping out her mouth for much longer than I cared to see. After that its like no one cared except Andre, and I guess they use this as a way to reintroduce his mental disorder. Eventually he breaks down and starts seeing her ghost. Again with the ghost, anytime someone writes a ghost in a show like this , they need to be slapped, it's a terrible way of advancing the plot. After that it's all over the place, Luscious's brother investigating them then Anika has the baby then the Jamal is scared to perform but he made a song to free Freda Gatz. Overall episode 1 was entertaining but episode 2 just continued the non sense until the point that it just got boring. Andre is talking to Rhonda's ghost again (Now I see why Trai Byers doesn't want to do the show anymore), Luscious is trying to get back with Cookie which seems really phony this time around and the flashbacks are really corny. The guy that Taye Diggs is playing seems like a cookie cutter image of Derek Luke's character from the first season. I'm pretty sure that he's guy from the flashbacks and it just seems like lazy storytelling, its very predictable. Anika just happened to find the bear with the camera in it, that part seemed really fake and even if he saw or heard something, how would he use that in court. Xhibit punching people out for looking at his "sister", the shit just got worst , I don't know what else to say. I hope it gets better but I doubt it. Empire's only competition was itself and it still managed to lose.

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