Nintendo Wii U & Nintendo NX

Having only played the Wii U a couple of times, I feel funny calling it a failure but it basically ended up in the same situation as the PS vita - a device that came out at the wrong time. Now there is a lot of speculation about the NX and whether it will be more powerful than the ps4 or cartridge based or portable / hybrid. No matter what it is, this is most likely Nintendo's last shot at making a console, and if it's not successful I don't think we'll see another one from them.

I think Nintendo was overconfident from the Wii sales when they put out the Wii U, they forgot what made the Wii a success in the first place - it was accessible to everyone. When they introduced the tablet controller , it became inaccessible, it was complicated , it wasn't simple like the Wiimote. They basically alienated the casual fans and only had the hardcore fan base left to purchase (the casual consumer didn't even know it was separate console).

Nintendo NX is most likely going to be a portable device with a base that hooks up  to your TV, they've had a lot of success with the DS / 3DS so I don't see them deviating from that format. The problem is that if it matches ps4 performance / graphics , its already outdated. This is not the 90s , Nintendo has to learn that people care about these things especially third party companies who can't even put their games on Nintendo systems because they're too underpowered. Third party support is also a major factor in Nintendo's decline, they have to get the third party's onboard, I should be able to play the latest madden or nba 2k or call of duty on the system. They should definitely take a different approach with the NX because this could be their last run.

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