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Review of Solange "A Seat At The Table"

I've been listening to this album on repeat on my Google Play Music for the past couple of weeks, i haven't done that on album in awhile and that's because this album is fucking great. I gotta admit I haven't really check for Solange's music in the past, maybe I was sleeping on her (or the music in the past wasn't that good?!). I didn't know she had it in her but this a very powerful album, very black , very conscious. The lyrical content is up there, we finally have a R&B album that isn't full of love ballads or songs about sex, there is real content in this album.

The album starts off with "Rise" which is a great opener letting the listener know about what this album is about. The first single and one of the most powerful songs on the album is "Cranes in the Sky". I read that she wrote the song 8 years ago and I was just shocked that she wrote such a great song while she was really young. My interpretation is that the song is a…

Is the Nintendo Switch going to save Nintendo?

I seen the Nintendo Switch commercial and I watched a lot of videos of people commenting on it. I honestly don't find it revolutionary at all, it's basically a tablet with removable parts. In fact it really reminds me of the Nvidia Shield (I read that it has a Tegra chip!?) and a shield controller. I don't it just seems like Nintendo messed up again , they're still putting out an under powered console, they have a weird controller and its just meh. Like you can do everything that Nintendo showed with an android tablet or an iPad and a Bluetooth controller and that's basically what it is. The one thing I give them credit for is that it looks like they definitely gearing towards an adult audience and they actually showed adult games which is a big step up from the Wii u promos.

I think the days of the Wii's success for Nintendo are done, this console might sell but its not going to Wii numbers. On top of that where at a point in time where people can have similar…