Is the Nintendo Switch going to save Nintendo?

I seen the Nintendo Switch commercial and I watched a lot of videos of people commenting on it. I honestly don't find it revolutionary at all, it's basically a tablet with removable parts. In fact it really reminds me of the Nvidia Shield (I read that it has a Tegra chip!?) and a shield controller. I don't it just seems like Nintendo messed up again , they're still putting out an under powered console, they have a weird controller and its just meh. Like you can do everything that Nintendo showed with an android tablet or an iPad and a Bluetooth controller and that's basically what it is. The one thing I give them credit for is that it looks like they definitely gearing towards an adult audience and they actually showed adult games which is a big step up from the Wii u promos.

I think the days of the Wii's success for Nintendo are done, this console might sell but its not going to Wii numbers. On top of that where at a point in time where people can have similar gaming experiences on their phone or tablet so this is going to be a tough sell for Nintendo. Another thing that Nintendo has struggled with since the Gamecube is third party support. I honestly don't see that support with this system for two reasons: the controller and specs. If those two elements don't match up with PS4 and the Xbox One, you can forget about third party support which is crucial especially at this point. I feel bad for Nintendo but like I said before they're stuck in the 90s and their inability to see past that is going to hurt them.

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