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Sonic Mania - Green Hill Zone Act 1 - tails


The Gov't / NJ Transit / Amtrak Deliberately Sabotaged Tunnels and Train Service in and out of Penn Station

I think the Gov't / NJ Transit / Amtrak Deliberately Sabotaged  Tunnels and Train Service in and out of Penn Station to force the Feds to pay for Gateway / ARC tunnel. I was watching the news this morning and seen Cory Booker and Chris Christie talking about getting the feds to put the funding up for a new tunnel because the existing tunnels are insufficient and breaking down. While its true that the these tunnels are in a very dangerous state and need to be repaired immediately , I find it strange that all of these situations such as derailments and trains getting stuck just suddenly started occurring. These guys just conveniently interject with the need for fed funds which all people are going to rally behind due to recent incidents. I think its a way of forcing someone's hand and we seen that happen throughout history. I can't say its not needed but I can't agree with their methods of going about to get it done. It says a lot when we can manipulate people while harm…

Afro Latino Culture - Garifuna

Michael Dawkins Afro Latino Culture Essay

           Garifuna people are descendants of West Africans who escaped slavery and the indigenous Carib people. The captured West Africans were of the Ashanti, Ibo, and Yoruba tribes. In 1635, two Spanish slave ships wrecked near St. Vincent and the Africans swam to the island and escape the Spanish. Eventually the Africans mixed with the Carib people. The Carib people are a mixture of the Arawak Indians and Venezuelan Caribs. Garifuna is a combination of all three races: West African, Carib, and Arawak Indian.                         Although the Garifuna along with indigenous people relatively lived in peace, Europeans were struggling for control of St. Vincent. The British were fighting the French for control of St. Vincent. The French and Garifuna had a trading relationship and a peace pact therefore the Garifuna sided with the French against the British. Trading with the French also encouraged Garifuna to learn the language and adopt Fr…

Sociology West Indians in America - Interview of Haitian Immigrant

Michael Dawkins Sociology West Indians in America Short paper #3

                        After a long day of school and work, I slowly walked down the narrow one way street from my car which led to the apartment where I live. I entered the house and walked upstairs to the apartment on the second floor. I opened the door and got settled in. I went in my sister’s room to use her computer. While I was showing my mother how to do certain functions in Microsoft Excel, I received a call from Nathalie. I had asked Nathalie if I can interview her for this paper and she agreed. I remembered that Nathalie mentioned that she was from Haiti, so I thought she would be an excellent person for this interview.                         I asked Nathalie about her the Haitians customs and traditions that her family engages at home. Nathalie informed me that Haitian music is played during cooking and “…on Saturday mornings, when there is nothing to do …”. She said that Creole is the spoken language in h…

Sociology- West Indians in America - Guyanese Immigration in America

Michael Dawkins Sociology- West Indians in America Short Paper #1: Getting Background

                        Brooklyn is well known for several largely populated West Indian communities that include Flatbush, CrownHeights and Canarsie. Many of my friends who are West Indian (or have West Indian background) live in those neighborhoods. Some of my friends are Guyanese and I have noticed that there is a large Guyanese population in Brooklyn. I wondered where other Guyanese people might be located across the U.S., so I chose to research the numbers of Guyanese in Alaska, New Mexico, and Maine. Along with my findings, I will also state migration data from the site, about West Indians in the United States.                         Let’s start off with some interesting facts about West Indian migration to gain a greater understanding of Guyanese migration. Caribbean born people accounted for about 10 percent (2,953,066) of the 31.1 million foreign born in the Unite…

African Politics - Compare & Contrast - Learning To Read” by Malcolm X and “Learning To Read And Write” by Frederick Douglass

Michael Dawkins  African Politics Essay: Compare & Contrast

                        In the Untied States, education is often taken for granted. Education is taken for granted by: the government, society, the education system, the parents and the children. Look back in the past and see how people risked their lives to learn, how people strived for knowledge under uncompromising conditions. “Learning To Read” by Malcolm X and “Learning To Read And Write” by Frederick Douglas are inspiring examples of how they learned to read and write despite the odds against them.                         Before Malcolm X was called by that name, his birth name was Malcolm Little and later on he was known as Detroit Red. He was a hustler who schemed from Boston to Harlem. He always was in trouble with gangsters, law enforcement and with narcotics. Finally one day it all caught up with him and he was incarcerated for ten years. While in prison he was introduced to the nation of Islam and became intereste…

Caribbean Spirits, Colonial Ghosts - “Autobiography of My Mother”

Michael Dawkins ( Caribbean Spirits, Colonial Ghosts English 417.09 Final Essay

                        Did you ever see a child misbehaving in public or teenagers wandering the streets late night? Most likely you have experienced an example of bad (or absence) of parenting. It is no doubt that the way a child is raised has a profound effect on their childhood and eventually their adulthood. Using “Xuela” from “Autobiography of My Mother” as a literary example, I will analyze the effects of bad parenting. I will also utilize articles from The New Zealand Herald-“Part-time parents 'bad for children'”,  “The Bahama Journal-Children Suffer From Bad Parenting”, andBBC News-“Bad parenting 'causes child crime'”, to support my analysis along with modern examples.                         Xuela is a really unique character because her thinking and actions are completely independent of anyone’s control. Xuela effectively shuts out any emotional connection with …

Black Drama - Stereotypical roles of Blacks in media

Michael Dawkins African American Drama Final Essay

                        The “Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies, and Bucks”, are Black actors and actresses still fulfilling these roles in present times? The roles that I just mention are stereotypical roles popularized in Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Birth of a Nation. These are degrading and inaccurate depictions of Black people in theater and film. Since film is a widely spread medium, these stereotypical roles are the images of Blacks, that people see and believe are true. The theater is also a channel in which the audience experiences more in depth few of these roles as they were portrayed in minstrelsy following the release of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”.  Using Donald Bogle’s “Black Beginnings: from Uncle Tom’s Cabin to The Birth of a Nation’, Ed Guerrero’s “Black Film in the 1990s: The New Black Movie Boom and Its Portents” and Sarah Meer’s “Uncle Tom Mania: Slavery, Minstrelsy and Transatlantic Culture in the 1850s”,…

Black Popular Culture - Hip-Hop & Fashion

Michael Dawkins Black Popular Culture Critical Review Essay

                        Hip Hop culture and fashion are synonymous, influenced by each other. Many Black youth (and even some Black middle aged and elders) consume the Hip Hop fashion style which is a form of expression. Hip Hop fashion or what can be called urban youth clothing, has faced some harsh criticism lately from Bill Cosby and the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Using “What’s in a name (brand)?” by Michael Eric Dyson and “Altered” by Sonya Magett, I will examine this issue and discuss my views on the topic.                         “Are you not paying attention, people with the hat on backwards, pants down around the crack. Isn’t that a sign of sometin’ or you waitin’ for Jesus to pull his pants up? (Dyson pg2)”, from reading that quotation, it is clear to that Bill Cosby has a problem with the way Black youth dress. The Atlanta city council also has a problem with the Black males dress therefore they are considering an …

The Nintendo Switch is a glorified Nvidia Shield with tiny bluetooth controllers

The Nintendo Switch is a glorified Nvidia Shield with tiny bluetooth controllers......Umm yea ....why is everyone excited by this thing. I like Nintendo but I think this is the nail in the coffin. Its basically a tablet with detachable controllers and a docking station... that's it....Its not revolutionary only has 32 gb internal memory. I think Nintendo made a Wii U 2 that didn't need to be docked. I hope it works well for them but I don't see this working out at all. Its going to sell units because of the initial hype but that's about it. After that dies down and people don't see third party titles, they're going to ditch the switch and Nintendo will end up in another Wii U situation. BTW it costs too much for what it does, it costs more than the PS4 and Xbox One and its less powerful. Smh Nintendo smh.....